Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church
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Our Team

With the retirement of Rev Phillip Robillard in June 2017, Fallingbrook is  currently in a period of vacancy.

 Director of Music    

Mr. Henri Vanderkooi is our Director of Music. A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in 1970, he has 35 years of experience as a church organist and choir master as well as a teacher of organ, piano and music theory. Henri's experience and repertoire of many musical styles greatly enhances Fallingbrook's worship services. 

If you love singing and want to join the choir, please contact the office at 416-699-3084 or  fboffice @rogers.com .


Carmen Weatherup is our enthusiastic and helpful Church Secretary. She knows what is going on at the church and keeps the rest of us on track. 

She can be reached at the church office at 416-699-3084 or fboffice @rogers.com or feel free to leave the church a message.


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